Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Schoology Rubrics


Schoology rubrics are a welcome to really easening the grading burden of assignments as well as easy of giving students feedback. Here’s how to access and take advantage of the rubric feature within Schoology.

Select a course of yours in Schoology (note- you will need to create the rubric in each separate course unless you save the rubric to your resources). From there go to “gradebook” –> “Grade Setup.” Toward the top right of this screen you will see “Scales” (bolded) and “Rubrics”. Select the dropdown “Add” button and select “rubrics.”

This opens the Rubric Editor where you can now create your Rubric. From here you can: add criteria/categories, edit the grading scale and/or descriptor, and attach learning objectives. When you are done, click “create.” This rubric will now show under “rubrics” next to “Scales”.

To attach the rubric to an assignment you created- simply create the assignment as you normally would. In the editing window of the assignment you will need to select a “category” even if you do not use the Schoology gradebook. This is needed in order to connect the rubric to the assignment. Then next to “Scale/Rubric” click the dropdown menu and select your rubric. Make sure “show to students” is checked so that they can see the rubric when they click on your assignment. Here is a screen shot of what an assignment will look like with the attached demo rubric!


What is even better is when it comes time to grade. Simply click on the students name under “submissions” (where it shows who submitted the assignment). This will bring up the student’s work. At the top right corner you should now see a “rubric” icon. Click that to open the “rubric grader” and grade their assignment as well as leave feedback!

Hope this helps!


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