Tech Tip Tuesday: Sharing Youtube Clips in Schoology

A lot of you like to use Youtube in your classroom. Sometimes it makes sense to have students view these on their own, at their own pace, or sometimes you just want to make all of the resources readily available for the students in class. Regardless, when sharing Youtube clips, you can actually embed them into Schoology assignments, rather than paste a link that then sends the students to Youtube to watch the clip there.

First, if you weren’t aware, there is a Youtube resource app within Schoology. To get this, all you need to do is go to your resources tab at the top –> then click “apps” in the left navigation –> then click “install apps” –> and select Youtube from the list.

If you already have this installed, then all you need to do is create your material as normal (this can be an assignment, page, discussion, etc) –> then click the insert content button (looks like a box with an arrow pointing in) –> select Youtube from the list –> then type in what you are looking for OR just paste the URL to the video directly. It will find the video. Checkmark –> then select insert as embed to make the video watchable from within Schoology. That’s it!

Now some of you have mentioned that for some reason this app hasn’t been working for you. So I’ll share one more way to embed Youtube videos. Create your material as normal (again, an assignment, page, discussion ,etc) –> click the insert content button (looks like a box with an arrow pointing in) –> then select image/media –> from the web –> switch to media –> then paste the URL to your video directly. It will find the video –> then just checkmark it and tell it to insert as embed. A yellow box will appear. This is good! Just save the assignment. If you reopen it it will show the video.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Adding Screenshots to Google Drive

Like many of you, I always need to take screenshots. It’s simple to do. You just COMMAND +SHIFT + 4 and you can drag the part of the screen you want and the Mac takes a screenshot. Then on the back end, most, if not all of you have your Mac set up (thanks to ITC) where the screenshot is then automatically saved to a Screenshot folder on your desktop. Easy-peasy and keeps you organized. So how do we do that when migrating to Google Drive?

There are two ways. The first, mimics what was done before, but requires you to use the Google Drive app on the Mac that backs up and syncs files to drive on the web. If you are already using that, then you are good to go. First, create a folder in your Google Drive called Screenshots. Go to –> click NEW –> Folder, and create one. Then back on your Mac, use the magnifying glass to search “screenshot” –> click options in the bottom toolbar –> then under locations click “other location”. Finder will open, then select the google drive app on your mac, and find the screenshots folder you just created previously. This will set screenshots to automatically save to this folder, which in turn, will sync to Google Drive on the web! All set.

The other option is to use a 3rd party tool to do something similar. You can also double up and install this so you have a few options available to you. Go to and install the Save to Google Drive extension. Once installed on Chrome, click the puzzle piece in the top right corner –> search for the extension you just added and click on the pin (it will turn blue) to add it to your toolbar. This extension can only take screenshots while on the web. Simply click on it and it will automatically take a screenshot of your entire screen and save it to your My Drive in your Google Drive. By the way, if you do a right-click on the extension, and click options, you can then choose what type of screenshot you want the extension to take. Simple!

Hope this helps.

Tech Tip Tuesday: App Subscriptions

It is always hard to keep track of what apps we subscribe to or pay for the premium service. This year we have brought back a number of premium app subscriptions we have used in previous years as well as added 1 new app subscription and are still evaluating the possible inclusion of another.

For your planning, please note that we have full access to the following apps:

  • Padlet
  • Edpuzzle
  • Gimkit
  • Screencastify
  • Zoom
  • SmartMusic

To get access to the premium versions of these apps, simply see below.

Padlet- simply email me. I will then email you back your login information that will be used to merge your old account with the new premium one.

Gimkit- is our newest addition. For IH staff, please use this link to join:

For Ramapo staff, please use this link to join:

Edpuzzle- As long as tyou use your email address you should be good to go. When in Edpuzzle, you can verify by clicking your profile in the top right corner and see if it says Pro. For new users who want to use Edpuzzle but have not created an account use this link:

Screencastify- As long as you use your email address you are set. If you are new to Screencastify, download and install the extension. To verify, when you click on the extension it should say unlimited in the title.

Zoom- This has been automatically pushed out to everyone. Nothing you need to do.

Smartmusic- This app is music specific and we only have a limited license. As long as you register with your email address you are set.

If you run into any issues with any of the services above, please let me know. You can also track what apps we subscribe to as well as information about their privacy policy here: This is where I keep track of all services, note if we pay for the premium, what is being used around the district, as well as information about the app and its privacy policy.

Hope this helps!