Tech Tip Tuesday: Insert Google Drive Videos into Slides


One of the cool features wth Google Slides, is the ease with which you can insert and embed video into a presentation from Youtube. Google has now taken it a step further and allows you to insert and embed video from your Google Drive! Here’s how to do this: Continue reading


Tech Tip Tuesday: Sync Google Drive to Schoology


Did you know that you can sync and attach Google Drive to Schoology? This way, students can submit their work right from their Google Drive and you can upload/attach/embed  files to your Schoology assignments. Here is how you and your students can sync Google Drive to your Schoology account. Continue reading

Tech Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Google Drive


Our new “tech tip” covers a better way to stay organized with student work and how students share documents with you from their Google Drive. If you are like me, you like everything to be compartmentalized and organized. But, with so much going on, and things being shared left and right, stuff often gets disorganized and goes “missing” in our Google Drives. Here is how to best go about staying organized and creating and sharing Google Drive folders with other staff and students. I’m going to use the teachers perspective with this one and show you how I would do this, but feel free to apply this approach to any job description. Continue reading