Tech Tip Tuesday: New Gmail Customization


So by now you have witnessed the changes to Gmail. Some for the better and some for the worse. Here are a few things that you can do to help ease the change and make your Gmail do what you need it to.

  1. Configure Inbox Filters: Click on the GEAR (settings) icon toward the right of your inbox. Next click CONFIGURE INBOX and then check off any of the filters to add tabs across the top of your inbox that will help filter out social media, promotions/sales, etc.
  2. Access Snooze: When you hover over emails in your inbox, a few buttons will appear. The last one (a clock) is the SNOOZE button. Which temporarily removes emails and then brings them back as though they are new/unread. If you do not see the snooze button, click the GEAR (settings) icon and then click SETTINGS. In the GENERAL TAB,  locate HOVER ACTIONS and make sure they are enabled. Sometimes, you will also need to turn on CONVERSATION VIEW. Then scroll to the bottom and SAVE CHANGES.
  3. Set Unread or Important Messages First: If you want to set different emails (unread, important, starred, etc) to show up at the top of your inbox click on the GEAR (settings) icon and then click SETTINGS. In the INBOX tab, select the INBOX TYPE to what you want to show first in your inbox.
  4. Mass Delete or Select All Unread: To mass delete or select all unread, read, or starred messages click on the checkbox just above you inbox to select all or click the dropdown arrow to the right of it to select the type of messages you want to select.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.14.08 AM

After you click the box, a message will appear above the inbox that says “all messages on this page have been selected”. However, you can mass select by click the message to the right of that (in blue) that says “select all conversations in …” By doing this you can do a mass delete of your inbox. Note** This popup message may not appear if you are using the inbox filters noted in #1 above.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Add What You Need to Your Macbook Dock


It has come up a few times from various teachers (and students) that they are missing apps on their Dock, including the Applications App to open other apps on your Mac. Of course, you can always use Spotlight to do a search for the app on your computer and open it that way. However, if you would like to add an Application Folder to your Mac or a specific app, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Find the “Applications” folder in the left navigation
  3. Click and drag the Applications folder to your Dock –> this will add it to your dock and keep it in Finder as well.
  4. Next, click on the Applications folder within Finder
  5. Find any app you would like to add to your Dock as well
  6. Click on that app and drag it to your Dock as well.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Try Out Schoology Badges!

” Badges? We don’t need no stinkin badges!” – Blazing Saddles

Ok, but for this tech tip you might want to try this out! Did you know Schoology has a built-in badge creator? For intrinsic motivation, this could be a need tool to include in your classroom, even if you aren’t attempting your hand at “gamification”.

If you’ve taken part in my online Schoology PD course, surely you’ve noticed how I have implemented a badging system. To see what badges you have earned, click on your profile name (upper right corner of the Schoology window) –> then click View Your Profile. Find where it says View Badges on the right-hand side, then click see all. This will list all badges you have earned to date, including the description for why you earned it. This is a powerful tool. Nothing is worse than getting an award (err badge) and not knowing the reason why, which is more important than the badge itself!

Ok, so now you saw where your badges are located. To create your own badges, go into the course you want to implement them, locate badges in the left navigation and click on it. To create a badge click Add Badge –> Create New Badge. Add a title, a description, choose a color and frame, and then upload and attach an image (Canva works wonders here, but you can also Google search for something, download it, and then upload it here). Once you are set, click Submit. The badge will now be listed along the top row. To award a badge to a student, simply locate the students name, then check the corresponding box, under the badge column to award the badge. A green checkmark will signify they have earned it!

This is a fun feature that adds another dimension to your classroom. Trust me… even High School students love earning badges! In the meantime, since you have done a lot of work in my online PD course, consider printing out your own badges and sticking them on your door! This is a great way to highlight all the work you’ve put in doing PD and show what knowledge you have. It would be great if we could get this District wide!!!