Tuesday Tech Tip: Whiteboard.fi… A different kind of digital whiteboard.

I try not to bombard you with new apps and tools, but when something new/cool comes up I need to share it. With everything virtual/digital/hybrid going on, you can never have enough digital whiteboards. But this one is different. Check out Whiteboard.fi

Whiteboard.fi is a free online whiteboard tool that takes your traditional digital whiteboard experience and adds a new dimension. Teachers can create a new class right away or register for free to create an account. From here, after creating a class name, you can set some quick security parameters such as a waiting room, similar to Zoom, so that you can approve the people who enter it. A link is then created for you to share with your students. Quickly toggle to the whiteboard (a button at the top) and you will see what looks like your basic digital whiteboard app. But whiteboard.fi adds a few things that I think a few of our teachers could really REALLY use. There is built-in sheet music for music teachers, built-in grid/graph paper for math teachers, built-in emojis for engagement, and a built-in equation editor!

Some other really cool tools and features that are included are the ability to push your whiteboard out to students on their devices after they join your class AND the ability to see students and their OWN whiteboards. This is where this app really separates itself from others. Not only do you get your whiteboard, but each student gets one of their own too! And you can see all of theirs at the bottom of your screen to help manage and keep track of their work!

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Annotate Over a Student Assignment Submission in Schoology on iPad

When it comes to grading student work, sometimes we need to be able to mimic some of the things we do physically yet in a digital medium. With the iPad, you can utilize the Schoology app to annotate or leave comments on submitted students documents just like you would on a physical copy. This documents can be Word Docs, Google Docs, PDF files, and images. This is a great way to leave comments on student work or grade and leave comments on a student submitted essay. Check out the video below for a quick how-to!