Tech Tips Tuesday: Create HomeScreen Bookmarks on iPad

Sometimes, it becomes useful to create your own apps/icons that bring you to websites you have bookmarked. This would currently be ideal with Schoology. The Schoology app hasn’t always worked as planned, especially recently with it redirecting users to the wrong web address. So instead, what if you could create an app icon on your iPad that when touched, opened up Schoology’s full website? Here is how to do this…

  1. Use Safari to navigate to any web page.
  2. Tap the Share button at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen. …
  4. You can now edit the name of the page. …
  5. You can tap Cancel to leave this interface without sending the bookmark to the Home screen.
  6. Tap Add to complete adding the icon to the Home screen.
  7. An icon should appear on your iPad homescreen with the name you entered, sort of like a hyperlink.

That’s it! Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Back Up Your Files to Google Drive or External Hard-drive

With the advent of new Macs and iPads there is a need to make sure you back up all of the files on your Macbook, prior to exchanging it in. To back up the files on your Macbook, do this:

  • Go to your Google Drive on the web at (This is different from the Google Drive app on your Macbook. Honestly, I DO NOT recommend using that app. Between it making inadvertent copies of files or not syncing the files directly to your drive on the web, I feel like this is more of a hassle).
  • When on your Google Drive online (this is the official full platform) click NEW –> FILE or FOLDER UPLOAD –> select the file or folder from your drive you want to upload –> then click OPEN.
  • This will upload the file or folder to our Google Drive. If it is a folder, everything inside the folder will be uploaded as well.
  • TIP: This does not necessarily make those files Google Docs. If you want it to convert to Google format, then you’ll need to check your Google Drive settings BEFORE uploading. To do this go to your Google Drive online –> click the settings gear icon in the top right –> click settings –> and check the box next to convert uploads.
  • TIP: If you want to speed up the process, drag everything on your hard-drive to one folder, then just upload that one folder to your Google Drive and title it BACKUP. Spend time organizing it after the fact.

If you want to backup your hard-drive files to an external hard-drive like a PassPort do this:

  • Plug in your external hard-drive
  • Go to FINDER –> then select the files or folders you want to move over to the hard-drive.
  • If you have a lot of files select the bottom file then hold shift and select the file at the top to select all of the files in between.
  • Drag the files over to your hard-drive listed in FINDER. A clock with then appear with the backup time. Note: This does NOT move files. Instead, it makes a copy of the file on your external hard-drive. You can then delete the original version from the Macbook.

Hope this helps!

~ Nick