Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Schoology Rubrics


Schoology rubrics are a welcome to really easening the grading burden of assignments as well as easy of giving students feedback. Here’s how to access and take advantage of the rubric feature within Schoology. Continue reading


Tech Tip Tuesday: Using the MLP Request for Professional Leave Form


There is a lot going on with our transition to MyLearningPlan for all things professional development. If you are attending an out-of-district conference or workshop or have already attended, you will need to “complete” your form to receive your PD hours/cost reimbursement (if applicable). “Marking complete” is imperative to the overall process of tracking everything in the system, even if you are attending something after contractual hours or aren’t seeking cost reimbursement. Here’s how to do this: Continue reading

Tech Tip Tuesday: Advanced Google Search in Google Docs


Keeping everything students do within 1-2 big platforms helps mitigate student distractions. Google offers a host of add-ons, features, and tools within their suite of apps, as well as a number of key tools already built within. Google affords you the ability to do research right within a Google Doc. With this tool (found by clicking “tools” –> “research”) you can perform a basic Google search, search images, access Google Scholar (which is an awesome feature), find quotes, and look up words in the dictionary. Continue reading