Tech Tips Tuesday: Record Audio With Screencastify

There are many times when you just don’t need to have a full screencast. Sometimes you just need audio. First click on the Screencastify extension to activate it, then choose which type of Screencastify recording you need, either Browser Tab or Desktop.

  1. Turn the “Microphone” button on.
  2. Select the audio device you are using.
  3. You can even include audio that comes from a browser tab (like YouTube video):
    1. select “Show more options.”
    2. enable “Tab audio.”
  4. Click “Recording Tab.” You will hear a countdown, after which your audio recording will start. That’s it!

You can also do this another way. Simply record your screencast as normal. Then, after recording, it will open the screencast in editing mode. On the right are a set of options. Click on the “export” option –> and ” export audio only”. Screencastify will create an MP3 audio only version of your screencast and download it to your computer.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Convert Old Schoology Tests/Quizzes to Assessments

If you have old Schoology tests and quizzes that you created, but want to take advantage of the new assessments format and question types, you can convert these older ones to the new tool. No need to recreate your whole test/quiz by typing everything in.

To do this, first save your test/quiz to your Schoology resources. You can click the gear next to it then ‘save to resources”. From here go to “resources” at the top. In here –> find your test/quiz –> click the gear to the right of it –> then click convert to assessments. That’s it!

You can even do a lot of them at the same time! Simply checkmark the ones you need to convert –> then click the gear at the top –> then convert! This might take a little bit of time depending on how many you are converting and how big they are. A popup message might tell you it will happen in the background. No sweat! Just waste it out and you will see them when they are done.

After they are converted, you can simply open them in your resources, edit as needed, and then push them out to your courses. You can do this by clicking the gear next to it, then add to course or edit!

Hope this helps!