Tech Tip Tuesday: Add NEW Schoology Materials to the TOP of Your Course

One of my pet peeves, as with many, is that Schoology adds NEW materials that create to the bottom of your course. I wish that this default was different and added it to the top. However, there is a little trick that I was shocked NOT many people knew about. When you are in your Schoology course and you go to create a new material, most people click on Add Materials –> then choose what they want –> create it –> and it gets added to the bottom.

Instead, do this. When you go to create, hover your cursor just underneath the Add Materials button –> and a green line with a plus (+) sign will appear. Click on that –> then choose the material type you want to create –> and go through the steps. It will then add the new material to the tip.

Keep in mind that you can also do this at various areas in your materials list and it will drop the new material into that spot. No need to add things to the bottom when you want them at the top!

Hope this helps!