Tech Tip Tuesday: 4 Great Google Doc Add-ons


Looking to differentiate and do a little more with Google Docs? Here are 4 tools to help you, and help your students.

Google Docs offers a host of tools and add-ons to help differentiate in the classroom.

  1. Google Docs Translate– This can be found in Google Docs by going to “tools” –> “translate document.”A pop-up box appears allowing you to edit the name you ant the new document to be called (it does not delete the original) as well as the language you want to translate the current document to. The Google Docs Translate tool does the rest. It will take the Google Doc you are currently in, and create a new doc word for word, in the designated language. This is great for World Language teachers!
  2. Voice typing– Nifty little tool that is GREAT for differentiation. Just like Translate, you can access this tool by going to “tools” –> “voice typing.” A microphone icon will pop-up. Click the icon to enable voice typing, and begin speaking what you want Google to type for you! Say things like “period” at the end to place a period at the end of the sentence. One of the best voice typing programs out there and pretty intuitive. You can also change the language so that Google can hear you say things in Spanish, for example, and type it out as well!
  3. Kaizena– These next two are Google Doc add-ons. Go to “add-ons” –> “get add-ons.” Type in “Kaizena” to search for the program. Kaizena allows you to add voice comments to Google Docs as feedback, while also saving the docs in a “class menu/folder.”
  4. Texthelp Study Skills– Just like Kaizena, go to “add-ons” –> “get add-ons.” Type in “Texthelp Study Skills” to search for the program. Texthelp initiates a sidebar menu that allows users an easy way to highlight text within the Google Doc. Simply highlight the text you want, then click the color of your choice and it will be highlighted. Texthelp takes it a step further by then allowing you to “collect” highlights. By doing this, Texthelp will create a new document, and sort all of the highlights by either position in the document OR highlighted color! Have your students highlight information in an essay or document like key facts/important or difficult words/ topic sentences/ analysis vs. summarization, etc.

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