Tech Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Google Apps Button (Rubik’s Cube/ Waffle Buttone)

Ever click your Google Apps Launcher button and have to scroll down to access the specific app you want? Well guess what? You can easily rearrange the apps however you want! In the past, Google made you install an extra extension to do this (most of us didn’t and just let it be). But now you don’t have to. More recent updates let you simply do this… just open your Google Apps Launcher button (I still prefer to call it the Google Rubik’s Cube)…

…press and hold on any app icon, then drag and move it to the location of your choice.

That’s it! Simple as that! Now go ahead and clean up your app order and put your favorites at the top.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Create NEW GSuite Files the FAST Way

Todays tip is another short but sweet one. As you know, there are many ways to accomplish the same task or access the same app/tool within Google. When it comes to creating documents (docs, sheets, forms, slides, etc) this is no different.

You can use the plus sign in Google Drive to create a new file or while in a document already, you can click FILE to start a new one, or you can type in (or, or, etc) then click create. Or, you can even click the GSuite apps button (rubik’s cube) and access the file type there).

But there is even one easier and/or quicker way… Simply type in a new tab URL! That’s it. You can even do,,,, etc! So next time you go to create a new document on the fly simply type in in a new tab and you are all set!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Change Your Chrome Theme

This is a simple trick to change the look and feel of your Chrome browser. You can pick from a variety of colors, images, and styles, etc. To do this simply open your Chrome browser. At the top right, to the right of your profile image, select more options button (3 dots) –> then select settings. Click appearance in the left navigation –> then select theme.

This will open the chrome webstore directly in the themes section. Scroll down to find themes you like. Select one, and then click Add to Chrome. That’s it! Simple as can be.

Hope this helps and adds another element of personalization to your Chrome browser.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Get a Google Calendar Agenda Emailed to You

Like many of you, I have a habit of checking my email often. Most of the time, it’s the first thing I go into when I start my day. If you are a Google Calendar user, you can also have your Google Calendar events list emailed to you, similar to how Frontline sends emailed reports/lists of your PD activities.

To have this list emailed to you daily, simply go to Google Calendar –> click the settings gear toward the top right corner (next to month, etc). Click settings in the pop-up window –> then scroll down in the left navigation and locate the specific calendar you want to set this for. Note that you will need to do this for each calendar you want a list emailed to you for. Next, after you select the calendar you want, scroll down under the calendar settings on the main window to “Other Notifications” –> then set “Daily Agenda” to EMAIL.

That’s it! You’ll get an emailed list of your daily activities/events scheduled for that calendar each day.

Hope that helps.