Tech Tip Tuesday: Track Student Schoology Progress

Did you know you can closely monitor the work your students are doing in Schoology? Obviously, you can see the documents they submit or the discussion posts they make. But, you can also see the last time they logged into Schoology, what they have completed in a folder of content, where they left off, and more.

First, check out the analytics button in the left navigation. There is a lot of useful information here, including when (timestamped) a student last accessed and logged into Schoology and how much time they spent in it. If you then click on a particular student’s name, you’ll get more information about assignments you have created and whether or not they interacted with them.

Another option is to click on the “student progress” button found at the top center of your material’s page. This will give you an overview (percentage-wise) of how much your students have completed in your class. If you go into a specific folder and then click on this button, it gives you a percentage according to that folder’s content. This is a GREAT way to track student completion, see who is left behind or not doing work, etc. You can then click on a student’s name in the list to get even more broken-down info about them and your course.

Finally, you can always see things from a particular student’s point of view and what they see. Simply click the “options” button under your course profile –> and click ‘view course as” then choose the student. You will now be seeing everything in your course from the student’s perspective.

Tech Tips Tuesday: Pin Tabs to Mac Dock

After working with many of you, I’ve noticed a trend… When you go to access an application on your Macbook, you go to Finder to open it. But there is an easier way!

For any apps, especially those that you find yourself using frequently, you can make them readily available with a single click on the Mac Dock. You can also add the “Applications” folder to your Mac doc too!

Here is how: On your dock, click the “Finder” icon, and then click “Applications” on the left. Now, you can drag the Applications folder directly on top of your Mac Dock now or find the specific Application within it that you want, and simply drag it down to the dock, and bam. It will stay there.

This will save you so much time, rather than jumping to finder, searching for applications, and then picking what you want.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Record Audio with Voice Memos

Record Audio in Mac OS with Voice Memos:

The Mac has a built-in, easy-to-use application for recording audio quickly and easily!

  1. Launch the Voice Memos application. (Open a new Finder window. Voice Memos can be located in the Applications folder.)
  2. Click the Record button. (Click Pause to pause your recording, and click Resume to continue.)
  3. When finished, click Done in the lower-right corner.
  4. Click the Play button to listen to your recording, or you can click the Edit button in the top-right corner to make changes to your recording.