Tech Tip Tuesday: Spot the Phishing Scams

As John has stated, phishing attempts are on the rise, especially during the holidays, as people with malicious intent try to steal your personal information and get their hands into your bank account.

Check out this quiz to find out if you can spot if you are being “phished”. Leave it to Google to have something about this.

Be sure to check out this phishing page by Cisco  to learn more about phishing and how to stay alert!

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Turnitin and Schoology

This is a repost of an older tech tip.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the Turnitin app within Schoology, here is a quick “how-to” to get started:

What is it? 

A plagiarism detection tool to ensure academic integrity. It will give you an overall summary of the originality score as well as percentages of what was pulled/taken from what site.

To get started, go create an assignment as you normally would by selecting “add materials”. DO NOT USE THE Turninit app in the left navigation of Schoology. From here select “add file/link/external tool” –> “external tool”.

In the window that opens, select Turnitin from the “tool provider” drop-down menu. Give the assignment a name/title, then check the grading box to open the submenu. From here you can set the point value, due date, and category. Once complete, scroll down and select “submit”.

Once the assignment is created, find it within the class stream and click on the title. The Turnitin LTI app will open. Click “settings” to modify anything on the Turnitin side. Make sure the “start date” and “due date” match what you set on the Schoology end. You can also establish a feedback release date if you would like. Next, make sure you enter your instructions. These are the instructions your students will see when they access this assignment.

A few extras . . . open the “optional settings” to be able to modify or allow for things such as late submissions, enable grammar checker, exclude resources, or allow students to view the similarity report. Once you are finished, click “submit” at the bottom. The Turnitin assignment will save. You can now go back to your main course screen and everything will be set for your students to begin submitting work. Make sure your assignment is “active” and allows submissions. Once students complete their submissions, you’ll be able to click on the assignment to open all student submissions and view the similarity reports for each.

Update: Please note that you CANNOT use the Google Drive Assignments feature with Turnitin. However, students CAN submit Google Docs to Turnitin!

Hope this helps!