Tech Tip Tuesday: Using QR Codes in the Classroom


Have you tried incorporating QR codes into your classroom? QR (quick response) codes are super easy to create and are a fun way for students to get to use their cellphones in the classroom. To create QR codes there are a variety of websites/tools out there to do it.

To create QR codes:

To scan QR codes:

  • Google Goggles (for Android)
  • With ios 11, you can use your iPhone or iPad’s camera. No need for an app. ios 11 will automatically scan the QR code and a link will appear. Click the link to go to the page.
  • Snapchat. Seriously. With Snapchat open, point the camera at the code and hold your finger over the image to read it.

So What if . . .

  • Students created QR codes on submitted projects to enhance the interactivity.
  • You used QR codes to generate a Google Form for peer-to-peer feedback, reviews, or for peer-editing with essays.
  • You used QR to create a digital scavenger hunt.
  • You used QR codes with a BreakOutEdu (I have this kit!)
  • Incorporating QR with homework to help extend the learning with extra resources.



Tech Tip Tuesday: Use Your IOS Device to Screencast


There are a lot of tools out there that are capable of offering screencasting. Some of my favorite include Screencastify or utilizing a Quicktime/iMovie combo. However, Apple IOS 11 now brings screencasting to your iPhone or iPad.

To do this simply access the control center on your device –> click on “customize controls” –> and then click the “plus” sign next to “screen recording.” A control panel will pop-up with a variety of “player” options, similar to that of a dvd player. Click on the “record button” located in the lower left of the control panel.

Note: a button or two above the record button is the “screen mirroring” option. This is what you would access if you want to cast your device to an apple tv.

What even cooler? You can also record audio, so you can add voice over/discussion to your screen recording. When you are done, simply click the “record button” again to turn it off. Send this to yourself as a file, and if you want to edit/tweak it, you can also bring it into iMovie to do some editing.

Hope this helps!