Tech Tip Tuesday: Do More With Presentations- Go Pecha Kucha


I wanted to send this one out before the winter break as I thought this might be something to consider incorporating into lessons. If you haven’t the slightest clue what Pecha Kucha is, take a look here and here.

So now to recap, Pecha Kucha is a presentation style, that incorporates 20 slides (or images), in 20 seconds each, for a quick 6-7 minute presentation! It’s quick, it’s concise, it gets students to the point, it gets them speaking and NOT reading, and the listeners become active participants. The idea is to show/highlight a clear understanding of “the BIG picture”.

So where do you start? First is to get kids finding images that relate to what it is they are going to say/talk about/highlight. This is where Unsplash and Pexels come in. They should select images that storyboard what it is they are talking about, that don’t have a lot if ANY text, and help build on the points/stress the points they want to make in a creative way. Then, they need an edtech tool. PowerPoint works, but Google Slides is better. And you could even consider Haiku Deck as an alternative. They actually pride themselves on less text and followed the Pecha Kucha idea with their creation.

Even better? Consider having students team up and split the session 10 slides each or alternate slides.

Want more help? Seek me out and we can brainstorm and try it together!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Free Open Source Images


Looking to spice up your presentation or activity with an engaging image? Looking to add something different to your web page or flyer, but are tired of using the same pictures found on the web? Looking to teach your students about copyright and digital intellectual property rights?

Here are a few of my “go-to” websites for out-of-the-box, engaging, high-definition images. Most of the siteĀ images are free of copyrights under Creative Commons. But be sure to check each image individually just to make sure. Continue reading