Tech Tip Tuesday: Free Open Source Images


Looking to spice up your presentation or activity with an engaging image? Looking to add something different to your web page or flyer, but are tired of using the same pictures found on the web? Looking to teach your students about copyright and digital intellectual property rights?

Here are a few of my “go-to” websites for out-of-the-box, engaging, high-definition images. Most of the siteĀ images are free of copyrights under Creative Commons. But be sure to check each image individually just to make sure.

  1.– This is my favorite! User submitted photos that are all FREE, free of any copyright (unless specified) and HD. Great for creative writing, blogs, etc. Also offers a searchable database for topics/themes you are looking for. This is my go-to for all images.
  2.– Similar to Unsplash in that these are user submitted, free, and HD. Register for a monthly email that gets sent to you with a photo pack geared toward a specific theme. This is my #2.
  3.– Free HD images with no copyright restrictions. New images added weekly!
  4.– Free stock photo database. I prefer to stay away from stock photos, however, this site offers a little of everything. Some images are watermarked, so be sure to check the photo. Also, be sure to verify the creative licensing as well. There is a variety of images.
  5.– Another database/search engine for free photos. Each is license specific, so be sure to check specifically as well.

Hope these sites come in handy!

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