#RIHPD Twitter Chat

The #RIHPD Twitter Chat will be every other Tuesday of each month, in the evening, from 8 pm to 9 pm. I will post questions throughout the chat and give you time to post, share, comment, and retweet. This will be a great opportunity to earn 1 PDC Hour in your PJ’s! Come to collaborate, question, comment, and share… teaching ideas, successes, struggles, resources, photos, etc that will add to our discussion.

The format for our Twitter Chat will go something like this:

  1. 8:00 pm: Intros
  2. 8:08 pm: Q1
  3. 8:16 pm: Q2
  4. 8:24 pm: Q3
  5. 8:32 pm Q4
  6. 8:40 pm Q5
  7. 8:48 pm Q6

Here’s How to Take Part:
1. Log into Twitter on the Tuesdays of the month via the phone app or twitter.com.
2. Search for tweets with the hashtag #RIHPD in the search bar. Make sure to click “All tweets.” You can then sort by newest!
3. Introductions are for the first 8 minutes.
4. I will post questions every 6-7 minutes using the format Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. and the hashtag #RIHPD.
5. Respond to questions using the format A1, A2, A3, etc. and remember to tag your response withe the hashtag #RIHPD.
6. Follow any teachers responding and who are also using #RIHPD.
7. Like and respond to other teachers’ tweets.

New to chats? Here are the rules:
1. Stay on topic
2. Make sure your twitter feed is set to public. (Also keep in mind that Twitter is completely public – that means students, parents, and administrators can and will read what you tweet.)Please do not post or promote paid products unless specifically asked.
3. Always use our hashtag #RIHPD, including in your replies to others.
4. Use bit.ly to shorten links when sharing.
5. Check out TweetDeck to keep track of the Twitter Chat.
6. Taking part in the chat on your computer is easier (IMO).

Still want to know more about Twitter Chats? Check out these links: