Tech Tip Tuesday: ReadWorks for DI

tech-tip-tuesday is a great website to increase the amount of DI taking place in your classroom. Looked at primarily as a perfect tool for English classes, Readworks can definitely be used in all subjects where reading takes place (and isn’t that pretty much all classes?).

It’s easy to use, customizable, and free! It is similar to Newsela, in the sense that you can tailor reading selections to the students reading level. This is PERFECT for DI. It also works great for building background knowledge or enhancing content-specific topics and vocabulary.  Every article ALSO includes lesson and question sets/ideas that you can quickly and easily use to incorporate into your classroom.

To get started- simply register for a free account. Once in, click on “Find Content” at the top, filter your search to meet your criteria (I start with grade level), pick a subject (or search all), and then search for something that catches your attention. Select the article and then “+ My list”. You will also notice that each article also has an audio version (talk about DI)!

Hope this helps!