Tech Tip Tuesday: Let Google Convert Your Microsoft Files


Having access to Microsoft, Apple, and Google can be a blessing and a curse. Especially if you are trying to use Google more and more. Converting or recreating those Microsoft Word Docs or PowerPoint presentations can be time consuming. But what if there was another way?

Google Drive has a simple setting that can help you upload and convert Microsoft Files to Google Files! Plus, it will keep the original file type in case you need it or you can go ahead and send it to the trash. It isn’t without its (formatting) flaws, but most docs look pretty good. Just always be sure to double-check them after they are converted.

To do this, simply open your Google Drive –> click the setting “gear” icon at the top right –> then click “settings”. Check off the box “convert selected files to Google editor format” –> then scroll to the bottom to save.

Now, when you are ready, just go to the folder where you’d like to upload the file(s), click NEW –> File Upload (or folder upload if you have a lot of stuff and are using Chrome Browser) –> and tell the file(s) to open. Google will upload and convert those files while saving them in the Google Drive folder you designated! Just make sure you delete any duplicates or older Microsoft version you no longer need.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Create Engaging Images with PosterMyWall


Looking for another alternative to Canva? PosterMyWall is a neat website, similar to Canva, where you can use professional templated to create your own posters, social media headers/banners, cards and invitations, and more. What is really cool is that is also has an option for video and motion graphics! The videos are great for short promotional clips, trailers, etc. Once you create your image/graphic you can download the image for free, then share it out or attach it to social media.

Thanks to Denise Pellegrino for finding this useful resource and sharing it out!

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Individually Assign Schoology Folders


Schoology’s “individually assign” feature is a great way to personalize learning for students while also discreetly assigning work to specific students that not all students need. This is especially great when thinking of our special needs or resource level students, but can also be used for students on bedside, and advanced students who are looking for something a little more challenging or the opportunity to complete a research-based study.

Originally, you only had the ability to individually assign assignments. However, now you can individually assign folders! When students are individually assigned a folder, all assignments/materials within in get shared privately with the student. Students that haven’t been assigned these folders will see what they normally see and will NOT have access to the individually shared folder with the other student(s).

To individually assign a folder simply: Click the gear icon next to the folder you want to assign –> select “individually assign” –> search for the student(s) name(s) or grading group you want to assign the folder to –> then click NEXT to assign! If the time comes and you need to remove students from access to the folder, simply follow the steps above –> then uncheck the student(s) or grading groups from the shared list.

This is a powerful feature that can provide students with differentiated materials/content, afford you as the teacher an easier way to push out materials to students who are absent or on bedside, help you create more personalized, self-paced learning modules, assist you in helping those students who need extra support, and help you design learning paths for students based on their interests.

Hope this helps!


Tech Tip Tuesday: EXPLORE Live Animals

tech-tip-tuesday is a pretty neat website that lets you connect virtually to live animal cams all over. Some are animals that are live in their natural habitat and others are various aquariums and zoos around the globe.

At the top you can browser through the entire gallery. Some of these live feeds also have multiple camera angles to choose from which is pretty cool. Some feeds have best “viewing times” to observe, so check out their schedule. There are also some nice “meditation” related feeds/videos of ocean currents, waves, sunsets, etc. 


Tech Tip Tuesday: Autoplay Google Slides Presentations


There are a lot of features that are somewhat hidden when it comes to Google Slides. One of those features is the ability to have a presentation auto play/advance on its own as well as loop. To do this simply follow these directions:

Open your Google Slide deck. Click FILE –> PUBLISH TO THE WEB. A pop-up window will appear. Set the time limit you want the slides to advance automatically. You can also set the presentation to auto play upon opening and/or loop by check-marking the boxes at the bottom.

Once you are set, if you want to set the privacy permission by clicking PUBLISHED CONTENT AND SETTINGS. If you don’t need to change anything, just click PUBLISH. A new window will open. Copy that link. This is the link you need to either send (if sharing with others to view) OR use if you want to autoplay the presentation.

NOTE: If you just open your slide deck from within your Google Drive and click present as normal, it won’t follow the autoplay format. You need to use the link!

That’s it! If you want to turn this feature off or unpublish the presentation simply click FILE –> PUBLISH TO THE WEB –> then UNPUBLISH.

Hope this helps!