Tech Tip Tuesday: 2 Great Tools to Use with Youtube


Here are two practical tools/tips for using Youtube videos in the classroom. ViewPure and Tubechop work in different ways. One removes distractions and links from the video and the other cuts the video to a specific section! Great tool for you and your students!  Continue reading

Tech Tip Tuesday: Free Open Source Images


Looking to spice up your presentation or activity with an engaging image? Looking to add something different to your web page or flyer, but are tired of using the same pictures found on the web? Looking to teach your students about copyright and digital intellectual property rights?

Here are a few of my “go-to” websites for out-of-the-box, engaging, high-definition images. Most of the site images are free of copyrights under Creative Commons. But be sure to check each image individually just to make sure. Continue reading

Tech Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Google Drive


Our new “tech tip” covers a better way to stay organized with student work and how students share documents with you from their Google Drive. If you are like me, you like everything to be compartmentalized and organized. But, with so much going on, and things being shared left and right, stuff often gets disorganized and goes “missing” in our Google Drives. Here is how to best go about staying organized and creating and sharing Google Drive folders with other staff and students. I’m going to use the teachers perspective with this one and show you how I would do this, but feel free to apply this approach to any job description. Continue reading