Tech Tip Tuesday: Bring Back Closed Chrome Tabs

We have all done it. You are working tirelessly only to accidentally close a tab you need, 5 tabs you need, or worse yet…. you close chrome altogether! No sweat, here is how you can bring any or all of those tabs back.

There is a shortcut to reopen closed tabs. Simply hit COMMAND + SHIFT + T on Mac to reopen it. Or, click the more options button (3 dots) in the upper right corner (sometimes it says “update” in red) –> click History –> then click on the most recent tab(s) you closed to open them or if your closed all of them, simply follow that step above, and if it says recently closed.

You can also go days back by click history, then history again, and sorting through the previous days to find a tab you needed!

Thats it! Hope that helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Improved Google Slides Presenter View

Google has updated their presenter toolbar in Google Slides with a better look and more intuitive controls. To open presenter view,  in the top right corner, next to “Present,” click the Down arrow . Click Presenter view.

Now when presenting, you will be able to select the previous or next slide, select any slide from the picker, or access the three-dot more options menu, which will open options for opening speaker notes, auto play, caption preferences, and more!

The toolbar has also been condensed so that it doesn’t take up as much screen real-estate and block your slide!

Pro tip: You can also use a personal phone or iPad with the Google Slides app as your presenter tool. This lets you control the slide presentation from the device as well as see the presenter notes without screen sharing them to your students over Zoom.

Hope this helps!

Sending Adobe Forms to Multiple People

When using Adobe to send forms for signatures, you set a form up to be emailed to multiple people, and in order. To do this. Utilize the Fill and Send tool within Adobe. Click “request signatures’, and a window will open that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 7.59.08 AM.png

At the bottom left it says “more options”. Click that. Then this will open…

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 8.00.15 AM.png

At the top enter the names/emails you want. Then above the “enter recipient,” it says “complete in order”. Turn that to on, so that those people get the email in order. You can also click and drag each person to rearrange the order. Note that to the left of the person’s name shows a pen icon. This is the signature icon. If you need the person to actually sign a specific line, use this. If not, you can click that dropdown to select the approval icon which does NOT require a signature.

Remember, as the original sender, you will get the final copy sent to you at the end.

Hope this helps!

New Zoom Updates!

Zoom has quietly rolled out a few new updates to their platform. Here is a quick rundown of what they have updated!

  1. Rearrange Gallery View- With this, you can now switch to gallery view, then click on any person’s picture and move them wherever you want in the gallery. Just click–> hold –> drag. Nice for taking attendance or keeping track of certain students when presenting.
  2. Blurred Backgrounds- You can now pick a blurred background as an option when adjust or editing the virtual background/video settings.
  3. Shared Content Designation- When sharing, a notification will appear telling you (the host) the you are sharing your screen and notify you when participants can see it on their end.
  4. Play Videos Directly- When sharing, you can now select advanced, and then choose video. This will turn on the video enhancements, share audio, and then open your finder to select a video to show from your hard drive.

Hope this helps!

Tech Tip Tuesday: NEW Google Meet Update

Google Meet has recently updated to include a new feature that lets you check your audio and video settings prior to joining a meeting. How many times have you joined a meeting only to figure out you cannot hear yourself or others, or your camer doesn’t look right? This feature now takes the guess work out and lets you go through a quick series of checks to make sure everything is up and running smoothly. Plus, you can also adjust which camera and/or which microphone you are using.

This feature is available after clicking a Google Meet link to join, under your camera is a button. Click on “Check your audio and video” to open up the feature. From there a few settings can be adjust and Google walks you through to make sure everything is set! You can even record a short clip and play it back to make sure everything looks and sounds good to you.

Hope this helps!