Classroom Highlights


Do you have a lesson coming up that features something you are proud of? Trying a new tech tool, project, or activity? Wonder what other teachers are doing in their rooms or how they incorporate certain tools into their lessons? Invite me (and possibly other teachers) into your classroom in a no hassle, non-evaluative way. I am strictly there to highlight the great things you are doing and be an advocate for YOU.

Check out the following from teachers in our district doing some pretty amazing things and continue to HIGHLIGHT your classroom accomplishments on the Padlet board below!





Mr. Michels over at Indian Hills streaming live with his students from home using to talk about an upcoming science project.

Mrs. Greene had her business students design Doodle4Googles. This year’s theme was “What I See For the Future …” Some great designs!

Students in Mrs. Greene’s class over at IH working on some #Hourofcode!

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 9.38.17 AM.png

Students in Mrs. Crossley’s Ramapo Child Development class using tech to teach and learn with their younger students!



Mrs. Gibson’s Digital Design 2 and Painting 2 students at Ramapo, using the iPad Pro to create art!

20% Time/ Genius Hour proves fruitful in Ms.Shea’s Painting 1 Class!

Mrs. Sisto at Indian Hills delivers a new and engaging way to #ditchthatworksheet! Uses Google Sites to be her new content delivery system. Check out the example above from a recent project of hers. #ditchtheworksheet


Mr. Hogan used Thinglink to create a more interactive way to share information with his students! #ditchtheworksheet