Tech Tip Tuesday: Export Keynote Presentations to Other Types

Some of you use Keynote to build your presentations, and that is fine. Keynote is a great program to use and offers some really nice design elements that Google and Microsoft don’t have. Plus, although Microsoft is going away, Apple office features like Keynote and Pages aren’t. If you use Keynote to design your presentations but need to share it in another format, here is how:

Open the presentation –> choose file –> export to –> choose a type. In most cases, you will choose Powerpoint, even if we don’t have Microsoft. Afterwhich, you may be prompted to set a password for the file or export without one. Click next –> name the presentation –> choose a location to save –> then export.

Once the file is downloaded as a Powerpoint file, you can simply upload it to your Google Drive so that you can view it there.

Tech Tip Tuesday (Repost): Differentiate and Optimize Online Reading

With so many tools to help personalize and differentiate the classroom experience, combing through them all can be a hassle. Don’t fret! I’ve done most of the work and have pulled the ones I think are best and sharing them with you.

This week’s tool helps you share online articles/sites with students while decluttering the page and simplifying the site layout. Check out Mercury Reader! This is a Google Chrome extension, that you can install and activate whenever (this is a great one to share with students). This extension will remove unwanted banners and ads from an online article or webpage, allow the reader to edit the text size/font/color to optimal viewing (great for students with visual issues), and cleans up the page so it is easier to print, download, or attach to Schoology.

To get started: simply go to the Chrome Web Store here –> click to “add to chrome” –> allow the install of the extension to your Google account. A rocket ship icon will be added to the right of the URL box. Whenever you are on a page, click on that to activate!

Hope this helps!