Tech Tip Tuesday: Advanced Google Search in Google Docs


Keeping everything students do within 1-2 big platforms helps mitigate student distractions. Google offers a host of add-ons, features, and tools within their suite of apps, as well as a number of key tools already built within. Google affords you the ability to do research right within a Google Doc. With this tool (found by clicking “tools” –> “research”) you can perform a basic Google search, search images, access Google Scholar (which is an awesome feature), find quotes, and look up words in the dictionary. Another nice feature this tool offers is being able to search by usage rights (key when teaching students about copyright and licensing) as well as citation format (MLA, APA, and Chicago). When you put content from the research pane into your document, it will even include the citation with a footnote at the bottom of your page in the format that you choose.

This works wonders by confining your students to using 1 program at a time, and helping them learn about finding credible scholarly sources/articles. You as the teacher will have an easier time managing the class, knowing that every student screen should show a Google Doc. A simple “scholarly” search for The Great Gatsby (by clicking the filter results dropdown in the search bar within the research tool) will yield a number of scholarly sources, in a variety of formats, including PDF (which can be clicked to open the document/source, as well as websites. Click “save” below a search result you or your students like, to save it to your library. You can access all of your saved searches/articles by going to

Hope this helps and comes in handy!

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