Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Animoto for Simple Video Assignments


Animoto is a simple web-based program that creates a video from various video clips and photos of your own and syncs it to music, to create a more professional-looking slideshow. Used by professional photographers to create demos of their work, Animoto makes for a very low-barrier way to focus on content and information in a concise manner, without the need to learn all of the nuances of a more elaborate program like iMovie.

You can access Animoto by simply going to or by installing the Chrome App. After signing up and logging in, Animoto will ask you to pick whether you are creating a slideshow or a marketing video. Then select a theme/style and click create. Once you are in, it is simple enough as clicking the “plus” sign to add images/text/video and arrange them on the timeline.

So what if…

  • You used Animoto as a video to supplement a lesson or as part of a flipped learning unit.
  • Students used Animoto to elaborate on a theme or make connections.
  • You used Animoto to introduce a new unit.
  • Students used Animoto to share information about themselves.
  • Students used Animoto to create a marketing ad.

Check out Animoto today!



Tech Tip Tuesday: New Google Keep Integration


Google recently updated its Google Keep app and integrated it into Google Docs. If you don’t know what Google Keep is- Keep is a note-taking app built as part of the Google Suite. Unfortunately, it often goes unused as most do not know it is even there, let alone what they can do with it. Users can use keep to take notes, built “to-do” lists, find and save sources/links, archive information, and transfer little notes between your cell phone and your desktop using the Keep App for IOS or AndroidContinue reading