Tech Tip Tuesday: Manage All of Your Tabs


I get it. Your researching, lesson planning, entering grades, watching Youtube videos, entering Schoology Assignments, checking email, checking vacation destinations… So you have A LOT of tabs open. Here are three ways to manage them!

GetTobyHere’s the link. For you Chrome users, this is a nifty little Chrome extension/add-on that creates an interactive interface that finds all of your open tabs and lists them in the right-hand side of the screen. To open Toby, just open a new tab- then, you can drag any of you open tabs into Toby’s interface. You can organize your tabs and create custom lists, organize by search date/time, search through all of your tabs to find the one thing you’re looking for, rename your name (very cool!) and syncs to your Google Drive across all devices that you use Google.

OneTabHere’s the link.  Again, for you chrome users. This is another Chrome extension/add-on that simply and quickly takes all of your open tabs and converts it into a list. The less tabs you have open, the faster your computer will run!

Pinning Tabs– This one isn’t an app, extension, or add-on. This is a trick I use. Hover over a tab, and “right-click” to bring up a quick menu. Within, you should see the option to “pin tab.” By doing this, it will keep your tab stationary- moving it to the far left, and removes the “X button” from the tab. Pinned tabs stay at the top and can be arranged in any order you like. I Usually pin my go to’s such as Gmail, calendar, Gdrive, Schoology, and MLP. Follow the same procedure to “unpin”. Another cool trick? try the “mute tab” option. This will allow you to keep a website like Kahoot open in the background, but mute the music that comes with it. This way your all set to go once class begins!

Hope this helps!

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