Tech Tip Tuesday: New Schoology Google Drive Assignments Integration!


Schoology recently released the new Google Drive Assignments app to make it easier for teachers to assign Google Docs right from within Schoology. Taking a page out of Google Classroom, students are then able to own a copy of the Google Doc that you have attached to the assignment, edit, and submit, all from within Schoology too! And to top it off- you can grade it and leave comments just as you would a normal Google Doc from… all within Schoology!

The best part about this new integration is the seamless fluidity of both platforms (Schoology and Google) working together. You can view, edit, and comment, regardless of which platform you are in. For example: Once the teacher creates the assignment with the Google Doc Integration attached- the student will get a copy of his/her own. They can access it from within Schoology (which loads fully in the webpage and can be edited right there) OR they can open the Google Doc from within their own Google Drive and do the editing there. Doesn’t matter! All changes to the doc will be reflected back on Schoology’s end for you, the teacher, to see.

Here’s how to get this new tool. First, you need to access the Schoology App Center (usually found by clicking home –> then App Center in the left navigation. Scroll and search for Google Drive Assignments –> Click the link –> click Install LTI App –> then designate which courses you want to attach this app too (I recommend choosing all). Once this is done, go to one of your courses, and begin creating an assignment.

When the window opens to create the assignment, you will notice a new button in the center that reads: Assign from App: Google Drive Assignments. Click on the Google Drive Assignments button to open your Google Drive from within Schoology (you may need to allow permission for this to open). Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.44.26 PM

Find and select the file you want to attach. Then, go ahead and name this assignment, add a description, include dates, and select a category. You can still embed videos, rubrics, or other media tools into this assignment too! Once the assignment is created, click on it to see how it will open in the new window. The new tool really takes a lot of the guesswork out of attaching and embedding Google Docs as assignments. If you’re a heavy Google Drive user, or plan to be, this app is for you!

I am attaching the directions on using the Google Drive Assignments App from Schoology. Feel free to check it out or reach out to me with further questions.

Hope this helps!

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