Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Use Your Projector as a Secondary Display for Morning Announcements


So you’re trying to show the morning announcements but the minute you go to take attendance the video ends up in the background and Genesis ends up front and center. So how can you do both?

Quite simple actually. What we want to do is set our Macbook to use the projector as a “separate display.”

At the top of your desktop window, select the AIRPLAY icon as you normally would. Next, instead of selecting “mirror built-in display” choose USE AS SEPARATE DISPLAY. By selecting this option, you will notice that a) your projector screen is showing a blank version of your desktop wallpaper, and b) your Macbook has its normal current view.

To have the morning announcement populate the projector view, hover over the web browser icon you use in your Dock. Right-click on the browser and select NEW WINDOW. (Reminder: morning announcements need to be shown on Safari, so for this step, you may want to just open Safari instead of a second window on your current browser). A new separate window will pop open. Minimize the window so that you can click and drag it. Next, select the window and drag it toward the right, to the edge of your screen. As you continue to drag it past the edge, the popup window will begin to appear on the projector screen. Keep moving it until it gets centered.

Once you have this where you want, maximize the screen and you are set to open the announcements. As the announcements are playing, feel free to go back to your original window on your Macbook and open Genesis.

This should help you overcome this issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Hope this helps.

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