Tech Tip Tuesday: New Zoom Updates

Zoom recently released a few more updates and features to Zoom. The most recent version is 5.4.4. To check that open Zoom –> with Zoom open click in the top left of your Mac bar –> click about –> then check for updates. Enter your password (same as your school google account) and update.

So the first update with Zoom’s newest version allows you to revoke/suspend all participant activities. This will mute all participa,nt audio AND video, stop any screensharing, end all breakout rooms, and pause any recording. You can access this by clicking your security button on your Zoom toolbar. See the image below:

The next feature allows you to screenshare multiple programs at once. Other programs will NOT be shown to participants. This allows you to not have to share your entire desktop. To do this simply click screenshare –> then under basic click a program (this can be chrome, another web service, powerpoint, a mac app etc) –> click one of the programs and then hold shift and click another. A popup will appear telling you to do this as well as grey out those programs that you can’t dual share. See below:

Finally, you can also stack your chat window with your participant window! Simply click chat, then click participants without closing the chat out and see them stack in the right side! See below.

Hope this helps!

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