What is SAMR?

SAMR is a 4 step model for technology integration. While the first step of SAMR is to get teachers to substitute the way previous tasks were being accomplished with more digital alternatives, the ultimate goal of the SAMR model is to move teachers to more transformative and innovative teaching.

The 4 Steps:

Substitution: Technology is used as a direct substitute for what you might do already, with no functional change.
Augmentation: Technology is a direct substitute, but there is functional improvement over what you did without the technology.
Modification: Technology allows you to significantly redesign the task.
Redefinition: Technology allows you to do what was previously not possible.

The following resources were submitted by teachers Keri Myones and Michelle Gramazio

Subject by subject SAMR-

Video: Highlights SAMR from a student’s point of view-

EdWeek Article: A teachers redefinition of her class-

SAMR Models

SAMR Model 2

by Jonathan Brubaker,


SAMR Model 1

by Sylvia Duckworth,



by Dr. Ruben Puentedura