Tech Tip Tuesday: Sync Google Drive to Schoology


Did you know that you can sync and attach Google Drive to Schoology? This way, students can submit their work right from their Google Drive and you can upload/attach/embed  files to your Schoology assignments. Here is how you and your students can sync Google Drive to your Schoology account. Continue reading


Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Embed Content in Schoology


Our second “tech tip” covers embedding content into Schoology. Schoology does a fantastic job working with embed codes, affording you the ability to insert or embed other programs into your materials. Many different apps and programs create their own embed codes from within. The embed code can usually be found by clicking the “share” icon (usually upper right). You just copy and paste and Schoology does the rest of the work. Continue reading


Every Tuesday I will be posting a quick “Tech Tip.” These will be short, straight to the point, tips that you can utilize.

Our first “Tech Tip” of the school year features a way to convert tests and/or quizzes from a Word or Google Doc, directly to a Schoology assessment. Here’s how… Continue reading