Apps, Programs, and Extensions


A list of possible ways to enhance your classroom, build creativity and boost productivity.

adblocklogoAdBlock– Block unwanted ads on the internet. Add it as an extension to Chrome.– Free web conferencing program for up to 8 people. Similar to Google Hangouts/GotoMeeting.

icon175x175Animoto– Easy cinematic video maker. Sign up for the educator account. It’s free and you get some premium features.

audacity-portable-14Audacity– A digital audio editor and recorder.

apple-touch-icon-152x152-150x150AudioBoom– Listen, share, and record audio content online for free. Team it up with ThingLink for some truly interactive images.

icon175x175 (1)Backchannel Chat– A Twitter/Today’s Meet alternative that allows students the ability to respond in real-time. Works in the background of Schoology. You can add it to your Schoology toolbar through the resources tab.

imagesCamtasia– Probably the most intuitive screen recording and screencasting software out there.

Canva_LogoCanva– Free online graphic design platform perfect for designing posters, flyers, header images, etc.

MZugFVCrQmiPLuKhkjLu_Photoshop-2014-01-16-at-4.31.11-PMCurriculet– An online close reader that embeds questions into the document.

logo_lrgDocentedu– Turn any website or Google Doc into an interactive lesson for blended/flipped learning. Add it as an extension to Chrome.

unnamedEasy Bib– MLA formatting and citation maker. Add it as an add-on to Google Docs or an extension to Chrome.

edpuzzleEdpuzzle– Make any video part of your lesson and track student progress.

Flubaroo_small_promo_440x280Flubaroo– An online assignment tool that lets you grade and analyze student performance. Add it as an add-on to Google Docs. Works great with Google Forms for auto-grading student quizzes/work.

goanimate_by_codelyokolover3-d94ilt3GoAnimate– Create animated videos. Perfect for World Languages.– Lets you instantly shorten the links of any website/document as well as creates a QR code for it.

slxi0MyGoogle Apps for Education– The Mecca of educational software. Does it all (docs,spreadsheets, slides, forms, drawings).

unnamedGoogle Cast– Send all of your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone/tablet/Macbook to your TV. Add it as an extension to Chrome.

unnamed (1)Google Classroom– A basic LMS that syncs easily with GAFE and Google Drive. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive.

Google-Cultural-InstituteGoogle Cultural Institute– a one-stop-shop for all artwork, collections, stories, articles, and maps from around the world. A MUST SEE!

unnamed (2)Grammarly– Simply put, the best grammar/spelling editor on the web. Works in any online platform that you are typing in, offers ways to improve your writing, as well as weekly progress updates.

haiku-deck-logo1Haiku Deck– Free app/web-based program for simple presentations that get right to the point.

fb-incrediboxIncredibox– A fun tool to create and save beats to visual beat-boxers.

unnamed (3)Kahoot!– A free online based quiz and test game review.

b55gwpsx_400x400Kaizena– Give students verbal feedback while still be able to highlight the information you’re are discussing. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive or Google Docs.

unnamed (4)Lucidchart– A flowchart generator that is good for diagrams/webs/etc. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive or Google Docs.

unnamed (5)Nearpod– Interactive presentations that sync with Google Presentations and PowerPoint, much like Pear Deck below. Take it a step further, and create virtual guided tours using Google Cardboard!

unnamedNewsEla– Gather current events aligned to Common Core with attached questions. It even alters the reading level for differentiated instruction. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive.

qPPvp-M_NoRedInk– Help students improve their grammar and writing skills aligned to Common Core. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive.

padlet_blog_300Padlet– A virtual wall that allows any users/students a place to collaborate and share resources. Makes for a great research and writing tool and for virtual lessons!

WkhORbbsPear Deck– Interactive presentations that sync with Google Presentations and PowerPoint. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive and will work with Google Classroom.

tJk30pd7Piktochart and– Create and publish great looking infographics. Great tool for formative/summative assessment.

unnamed (1)Pixlr– A free photo editor. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive.

logo_dog_square_blue_ulzjjlPlayPosit– (Formerly Educanon) online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. Embeds into Schoology!

unnamedPlickers– Collect real-time formative assessments of the entire class in one shot. The teacher uses their phone/tablet to scan the room and students use physical “QR” codes as their answers.

polleverywherePollEverywhere– The best program for Do Now’s, quick polls, exit tickets, and making presentations interactive. *(Update)* PollEverywhere now affords you an opportunity to embed polls into your Google Slide and PowerPoint Presentations via a Chrome extension. The best just keep getting better!

unnamed (1)Read & Write for Google– This offers text to voice features for most online documents as well as highlighting/dictionaries/etc. Add it as an extension to Chrome.

xm1kPiaiReciteThis– Build great quote images.

unnamed (2)Schoology– The best LMS in my opinion.

Screencastify– Make your own screencasts. Add it as an extension to Chrome.

google-classroom-google-text-documentShare to Google Classroom– Syncs with Google Classroom. Take anything you find on the internet and send it to your students or post it as an assignment. If you are a Google Classroom user, this on is for you! Add it as an extension to Chrome.

logo_slidesCarnival_squareSlidesCarnival– Free website to download many different Google Slide templates!

Snagit-96-IconSnagit– You can grab/take screenshots of images or videos that you see on your computer screen, add effects, and share with anyone. Add it as an add-on to your apps/Google Drive or an extension to Chrome.

unnamed (4)Tab Scissors and Tab Glue– Tab scissors allows you to split a window into two. Tab Glue puts all of your Chrome tabs together into one window. Add this as an extension to Chrome.

cloud-generator-05Tagxedo– A word-cloud generator. Or check out Word Cloud Generator right in your Google Doc add-on.

icon175x175Thinglink– Create interactive images and videos for online by  making your images come alive with video, text, images, music and more via embedded bullets. A collage of sorts.

timerimecom_400x400TimeRime– Create interactive timelines.

todaysmeetToday’s Meet– A free backchannel chat web-based program that acts like a chatroom of sorts.– The easiest way you can take virtual notes about any video online, sync to your Google Drive, and share with anyone. Add this as an extension to Google Drive/Chrome.

RobotChibi-cropped-flippedVocaroo– Simple online voice recorder that lets you save, share, and upload audio. great for World Language Classes!

weeblyWeebly– Great, simple website/blog builder for students, with drag-and-drop features.

653166773dc88127bd3afe0b6dfe5ea7WordPress– A professional website/blog builder. More advanced than Weebly, but also more you can do.

JNQGKhjRWriteAbout– A place for students to “write about” high-interest material and share their voice online with others.