Tech Tip Tuesday: Chrome Updates

It is important to stay up to date on Chrome updates. Normally, these happen automatically in the background. But since most of us have a tendency to NOT shut down our computers or browsers, the updates usually pend this happening. I have recently had some staff come to me about certain features not working, only to find out that once they updated Chrome, everything worked again.

To update Chrome do this:

  • In the top right corner –> to the right of your profile, you will see an update button. Green means something was released 2 days ago and is available for update. Orange means within 5 days, and red means 1 week.
  • Then click “relaunch to update chrome”
  • Chrome will reboot and should bring all of your closed browser tabs upon update.

However, if you do not see this “update” button, click the 3 dots (more options button) then you should see an option to update chrome.

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