Tech Tip Tuesday: Make Your School Google Account the Default

I recently had a few teachers tell me that when students open a google document that they shared with them, and go back to access it later, they cannot find it. They later come to find out that the file was saved to their personal Google account and not the school one. This happens all of the time and it is easy to be logged into multiple Google accounts at the same time. Yes, you can switch your account by clocking on your profile in the top right corner –> and selecting the account you need but there is another way.

Did you know that the first account you signed into is actually set as the default account for Google? Probably not! So what you need to do is click your profile in the upper rifght corner –> and sign out of all accounts. Then re-sign in using your school account first. If you still need your personal account, then sign in again with that account. Although you can switch between accounts, you should no longer have the issue of Google saving your documents to the wrong account if it is needed for school. Now that you know how to do this, pass this tip on to your students!

Hope this helps.

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