Tech Tip Tuesday: Remove Ads and Comments From Youtube Videos

Recently, I have had quite a few people ask me if there is a way to remove the comments, ads, and bonus videos from appearing when showing a Youtube video. If you are just showing a video, maximizing the screen temporarily removes the added videos, but then auto plays and upcoming video or shows a video stream at the bottom. Obviously, when sharing the link, there will be no way around the end-user/student from seeing the comments and added videos since they can view the video in either max screen or regular Youtube view.

There are a few options however… You could install a Google Chrome extension like this oneL: that might do the trick. However, usually a premium version is needed at some point.

But easier is this little trick! (Note: It might not work for everyone but it is worth a shot). All you need to do is put a hyphen between the “t” and the “u” in youtube and hit enter.  You are sent to a full screen version of the video with no sidebar and no ads. You could even post or send this link to students and they would get the same (most likely).

Here’s an example: Take this trailer for Into the Wild (awesome soundtrack by Eddie Vedder but I digress)…

Simply place the hyphen between the “t” and ‘u” in Youtube like this:

Then copy and paste this link, share it out, or even just hit enter to watch it without ads, comments, etc. Also, when the video is done, it won’t play another random video in line. Instead, it may repeat the same video.

Hope this helps!

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