Tech Tip Tuesday: Create NEW GSuite Files the FAST Way

Todays tip is another short but sweet one. As you know, there are many ways to accomplish the same task or access the same app/tool within Google. When it comes to creating documents (docs, sheets, forms, slides, etc) this is no different.

You can use the plus sign in Google Drive to create a new file or while in a document already, you can click FILE to start a new one, or you can type in (or, or, etc) then click create. Or, you can even click the GSuite apps button (rubik’s cube) and access the file type there).

But there is even one easier and/or quicker way… Simply type in a new tab URL! That’s it. You can even do,,,, etc! So next time you go to create a new document on the fly simply type in in a new tab and you are all set!

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