Tech Tip Tuesday: New Padlet Premium Service

So we finally and officially have a premium Padlet service. I am excited about having this one. Many of you have been asking for it and I am glad to finally bring it to you! This premium version will let you create as many Padlet boards as you want without deleting any, AND will let you share them with classes and fellow teachers!

First, here is how you can get the premium service and merge your older account to the newer one.

  1. Go to our new designated district URL for Padlet that was sent out in our weekly tech tip newsletter. You will no longer go to!
  2. Click Google to register/sign-in with your school Google account.
  3. You are now logged in to Padlet Backpack, the new premium version of Padlet. It will also merge your old content with the new database. A popup to do this will follow.

Select the items you want to bring in, then click the button to import. Here are the steps
● Log in with Backpack account
● Click avatar >> Settings >> Import
● Log in to your basic account
● Choose padlets to import >> Import

That’s it! You’ll have access to the premium version and can begin making new Padlet boards to enhance student engagement and interaction in your lessons. Any issues, please let me know!

Hope this helps.

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