Tech Tip Tuesday: Zoom Closed Captions

Another useful tool within Zoom that goes unnoticed is closed captions. This might be useful for ELL students or just to gather a transcript of the verbal discussion from your Zoom meeting.

To use closed captions, first you need to enable this feature in your Zoom settings. Go to –> log into your account –> then access the settings from the left navigation. Scroll down to “In-meeting Advanced”. Find “closed captions” and toggle it on.

Then, start a Zoom meeting and you will see a CC button in your Zoom dock/menu. Click on that to start closed captions –> then click “enable auto-transcription”. From there, as you speak, you will see the captions appear on your screen. This is pretty fluent and for the most part, does a nice job transcribing your voice. From here, you can also click the arrow next to the CC Button to open a sub menu. If you choose “view full transcript” a side window will open with everything that has been transcribed. Once you save the transcript, a copy of it will be saved to your desktop/computer.

Hope this helps!

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