Tech Tip Tuesday: Let Students Choose Their Own Zoom Breakout Rooms

With Breakout rooms in Zoom, you were able to either A) pre-assign breakout rooms when scheduling a meeting, or B) manually assign students to breakout rooms during a meeting on the fly. However, now there is a NEW option. You can also let students choose which room they want to join on their own!

To do this, you need to first make sure you and your students are currently on the latest version of Zoom. Joel will be pushing this out to everyone (students and staff) but if you would like to verify, you can check your version by opening Zoom, selecting from the top Mac navigation bar on your screen –> and selecting About Zoom. The most current version is 5.3.2. Once you have that, you can create a meeting as normal. Then simply select Breakout from bottom Zoom navigation bar and you will see an option that now says “let participants choose room”. (see below)…

Just generate as many rooms as you’d like, then click on that setting and you are set to go! Great for jigsaw activities, or letting students pick their own group mates.

Hope this helps!

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