Tech Tip Tuesday: Recording Breakout Room Discussions

Zoom can be a great place to facilitate discussions, jigsaw activities, Socratic seminars, and group work with their breakout rooms. However, managing them and knowing that students followed the rules and acted appropriately is difficult to do. Holding them accountable with recordings and using a grade, might do the trick!

As the host, you can grant a participant in a breakout room permission to record the activity in that specific breakout room. Follow along below on how to set up a participant to record a breakout room when you are not in that room. NOTE: You must follow this procedure for each meeting in which you want to record breakout rooms.

I also recommend setting ground rules for students ahead of recording. Make note that everything that happens in the “virtual” classroom follow all school rules. Also, prepare the students who are initiating the recording in the breakout room so they know what to do; how to press record and what to do after (I recommend having them upload the video to Google Drive and then sharing it with you).

  1. Initiate a meeting with your students via Zoom.
  2. When all students have joined, click the Breakout Rooms button on the Zoom taskbar along the bottom of the screen.
    The Breakout Rooms button in the Zoom interface.
  3. A prompt displays asking how you want to split up your participants (automatically or manually), and how many breakout rooms you would like.
    1. Adjust the numbers and students.
    2. Click the Create Rooms button in the prompt. Students will receive a popup asking them to join the breakout room. When they accept, they will be taken to their assigned breakout rooms.
      As the instructor, you will remain in the main meeting room while the rest of the participants are in their breakout rooms.
  4. The Breakout Rooms – In Progress window opens, displaying the open breakout rooms and giving you the option to join. Click Join, next to your first breakout room in the prompt, and then click Yes.
    The Breakout Rooms - In Progress window.
  5. On the taskbar at the bottom of the window, click the Manage Participants button.  
    The Manage Participants button in the Zoom interface.
  6. A side panel opens on the right-hand side of the window with your Breakout Room Participants. Hover your cursor over the name of the participant you want to allow to record the breakout room and click More to open a drop-down menu.
  7. In the drop-down menu, click Allow Record. That participant can now record the breakout room. NOTE: The participant to whom you allowed the permission must click the Record button at the bottom of the window to initiate the recording.
    Allow Record in the Breakout Room Participants panel.
  8. Click Leave Breakout Room in the bottom right-hand corner of the window to return to the main meeting room.
  9. Follow these for other room!

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