Tech Tip Tuesday: New Quizizz Question Types


Quizizz recently updated their question types and now includes 5 different types of questions that you can ask in your virtual quiz/formative assessment. They are: multiple choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blank, poll, and open-ended. With these new types of questions, your sure to add rigor, dodge easy cheating and get more relevant and original responses far from your basic multiple choice.

Plus, as with ALL Quizizz games, students can play at their own pace or take your gamified “quiz” as homework, as a do now, or as a means of student engagement. What also nice is you can easily throw these new question types into old quizzes or turn old questions into these new question types with the click of a button Pretty cool and dodges wasted time in recreating old things.

For more information about these NEW question types check this out here!

Hope this helps!

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