Tech Tip Tuesday: Schedule an Email to Send Later


Ever want to write emails and have them send at a later date or time? Boomerang is a great Chrome extension that lets you do just that. However, you are limited to the amount of times you can use it, unless you want to pay for the premium. Recently, however, Google has decided to update Gmail ever so slightly, as to build-in its own “schedule send” option.

To do this, simply compose a Gmail message you normally would. At the bottom of the message window is a dropdown arrow next to “send”. See image below:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 7.48.50 AM

Click that –> then “Schedule send”. A box will pop up where you can choose a date/time. To customize, click “Pick Date & Time” –> set when you want it to send (there is a minimum of 5 minutes out), then schedule it. When that time arrives, the email will be automatically sent out to your recipients.

Hope this helps!

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