Tech Tip Tuesday: Using the Tool Tip Feature in Schoology


There are so many features in Schoology that most of us do not even realize are available. Many of these fly under the radar and we never get a chance to see what they are and how to best utilize them in the classroom. One such feature is the “Tooltip”.

To access the “tooltip”, create a material/assignment as you normally would, then in editing mode –> highlight a word or phrase –> click the “insert content” button –> select “tooltip” –> type what you want your note or information to be –> click the green checkmark –> then save at bottom. Once you are out of the editing mode, the word or phrase you selected will show a light blue line underneath and if you hover over it, a question mark/bubble will appear with your note!

The “tooltip” feature is great if you want to add more information or a definition to your content to better help your students. You can even add a “tooltip” to an image by selecting the image and following the steps noted above. This is great for DI or to help struggling learners and/or ESL students.

Hope this helps!


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