Tech Tip Tuesday: Use Google Drawings to Make Interactive Flow Charts and Graphic Organizers


There is something to be said of how useful graphic organizers are, so finding a way to utilize them in the digital classroom is a plus. If you haven’t played around with Google Drawings, it is Google’s version to Microsoft Paint. A simple program that lets you do a number of creative things.

All you have to do is open Google Drawings, and start mapping out what you want the graphic organizer or flow chart to look like. Students can even create their own for an assignment. Check out this website link for a lot of information about making your own or for example templates you can use right away.

To create your own, simply open Google Drawings. Begin inserting shapes into your drawing. Use lines or arrows to connect parts together. Pro Tip: Utilize the gray area of the screen to hold objects This is great if you want students to move objects into the drawing. When you are all set with your creation, make sure you set the share settings to “anyone with the link can view”. Then, remind students that when they open it, they have to go to FILE –> Make a Copy so they can begin editing their own version and share back with you!

Hope this helps!

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