Tech Tip Tuesday: Get Your Students Podcasting with Synth


Audio projects are a fun way for students to interact with content in a medium they are often familiar with. With podcasting continuing to build in popularity, finding a way to get your students creating their own is often tedious and could require quite the learning curve. Audio is also a great way to make accommodations for students with special needs.

One simple way to bring audio interaction and podcasting into your classroom is with an app call Synth! Go to, click sign up, and select the Google sign-in with your district gmail account. Click Podcasts –> then create podcast to get started. This is a simple way to create byte-s-zed podcast segments or audio files. Students can use this for reflections, audio exit tickets, language practice with ESL, and of course, creating a podcast as part of a project! You can even embed synth into your Schoology assignment by grabbing the embed code!

Hope this helps!


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