Tech Tip Tuesday: Pro Tips with Schoology Calendar


So for those of you that want some cool Schoology Pro tips, here are a few:

  1. Create Assignment in the Calendar View: You can actually create assignments from within the Schoology calendar. To do this, at the top of your Schoology window, click on the “calendar” icon –> select the day you want to create the event or assignment on –> select whether this will be for an “event” or “assignment” –> then complete the rest of the form as you would when you create a regular assignment. You can still embed various tools, lock it, enable/disable submission etc.
  2. Sort and Color-code Calendars: While in the calendar icon, you can change which calendar(s) you see as well as color-code them to better differentiate between them all. Simply click “All Calendars” –> check the box next to the specific calendar(s) you want to view to sort. To color-code click on the “calendar” icon –> then click on the colored box to the right of each specific calendar to change its color!
  3. Change Dates on Calendar Events/Assignments: This one is super easy. Just click and drag an event or assignment to the new day. No need to click on it and edit from within.
  4. Add Assignments to Calendar/Upcoming List: To do this you will need to create an assignment, discussion, or test/quiz. Pages won’t work here. When creating, make sure you set a due date, as well as publish the assignment and allow submissions. Once you do that, the assignment/material will get added to your course calendar as well as your upcoming list. If you turn off “submissions enabled” then it will remove itself from the Upcoming list, but remain on the calendar. Once it is unpublished, it will no longer appear on the calendar or the upcoming list.

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