Tech Tip Tuesday: Using the MLP Request for Professional Leave Form


If you are attending an out-of-district conference or workshop (this includes any online training that is not hosted by our district) you will need to submit a Request for Professional Leave Form in MLP (done prior to attending with advance notice) and “mark complete” after to receive your PD hours/cost reimbursement (if applicable). “Marking complete” is imperative to the overall process of tracking everything in the system, even if you are attending something after contractual hours or aren’t seeking cost reimbursement. Here’s how to do this:

Here is a screenshot of what you should see when you log into MLP and click on the “Learning Plan” tab at the top.


Pending Prior Approval– This is anything that is currently awaiting the approval routing procedure BEFORE you can attend. This is also where BOE approval will take place.

Approved and/or In-Progress– This is anything that has been prior approved AS WELL AS BOE approval. This means you can attend. It would be good practice to check on the form you submitted when it is in this stage to see any comments that have been left for you!

Once you attend the workshop, you will need to “mark complete” so that you will be awarded your PD hours. To do this simply:

1. Click “manage” next to the form you submitted that has been prior approved/in-progress.
2. Click “Mark Complete” to open the form, edit, and submit for final approval.
3. Attach any necessary certificates and/or documentation and then click “submit” at the bottom.
* To attach any certification/documentation you need to go to your “file library”, and upload the certificate. When you “mark complete”, that which you have uploaded will show in the “file” section. Check off the ones you want to attach!
Again, this is important. Without “marking complete” MLP does not award your PD hours and does not notify Maddy or I that you attended and are done.
Hope this helps!

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