Tech Tip Tuesday: Set up Self-Paced Lessons in Schoology


One of the benefits of using a learning management system like Schoology is the ability to really personalize, and allow students to work at their own pace when completing lessons/units and track student completion through mastery of assignments. Another benefit? This is like having a digital playlist that you can facilitate in class and REALLY use to differentiate as you bounce from student to student. Even better? When you’re out, the lesson/unit doesn’t stop. Students can continue to work at their own pace through the lessons. Schoology really is one fo the few systems that offer this. Here is how to do it…

Access one of your courses in Schoology on the main “materials” page. Side note here: to truly make this work, you’d want to consider making the main page nothing but folders of units, then building from there. If you want to learn more about the nuances of online learning design, please reach out to me so we can chat and work through this process.

So with everything in a folder for you unit, go into that folder. Once in that unit folder, click on “Options” –> “student completion”. From this window, add “requirements” for each assignment you have in the folder by clicking “add requirement” –> clicking the dropdown arrow under the assignments –> and designate a completion setting by saying “member must” and choosing something from the dropdown. Do this for every assignment in your folder! Last but not least, check off the box at the top right of this window that says “requirements must be completed in sequential order”. This will mandate that student follow the order of the assignments in this folder and NOT be able to move until until they complete the completion rule you set forth on the assignment.

This is a TREMENDOUS tool to be able to personalize and truly differentiate in your class. Please feel free to reach out to me to learn this in more detail!

Hope this helps!

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