Tech Tip Tuesday: Actively Learn


If you like edtech tools like EDpuzzle to track whether or not your students watched a video, you can do the same with text! With Actively Learn, you can pull a page out from EDpuzzle and embed questions directly into a text/reading. Oh, and it’s free!

You can embed an Google Docs, links to websites, PDF’s, or questions. There are a variety of question types including: multiple choice and short answer. You can also embed notes, links, images and even video! Even if you are only teaching a part/segment of a text, you can “whiteout” the part you don’t need.

Just like with EDpuzzle, as the students read, the question will pop up, forcing them to slow down, answer the questions, and engage with the text. This is great and can be used in ANY subject area.

Hope this helps!

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