Tech Tip Tuesday: New Gmail Rollout


Google recently released a revamped Gmail. It might take you a bit to see the change roll over from our administrative panel, but here is a quick rundown of how to access the change once it is released in the district and the changes you will see.

  • Once it is rolled out, click on the “gear” icon located on the right side of your Gmail inbox. From there click “Try the New Gmail”. If you don’t see this yet, you will over a little time.
  • A fresh new look. Modern, sleek. Click on the gear icon to access a few other layouts/views as well as integrate add-ons.
  • Besides a cleaned up look, if you hover over an email in your inbox, you will now see icons appear to the right of the email message that will allow you to “archive”, “delete”, “mark”, and “snooze”. . .
  • “Snooze” is a new feature that will remove the email from your inbox for a set time, then bring it back like it is new. A nice way to come back to something at a later date/time and not miss it.
  • Gmail added a “smart reply” feature. This is GREAT on the mobile app. It offers suggestions you can click on to insert as quick messages/replies.
  • Gmail has also integrated Google Keep, Google Tasks, and Google Calendar WITHIN Gmail. You’ll see these icons/apps appear on the right side of the Gmail screen. Click on them to access these apps within and have a smooth transition, without switching tabs, or clicking separate apps.
  • Any attachments will now be shown under the message in your inbox. Again, just hover over the message and see them appear.

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